Tenor Banjo

Tenor Banjo

The SwarShala Indian music software includes Tenor Banjo and over 80 other perfectly sampled virtual Indian instruments.

About Tenor Banjo:

The Tenor Banjo is a variant of the Banjo, with a minimum of 4 strings, 17 frets, a resonator, and GDAE tuning. It is an instrument of choice for playing traditional Irish music.

There are various types of Tenor Banjo, with either 4, 5, or 6 strings:

4 Strings variety

4 strings tenor banjos are the best choice for beginners. It is easy to get your hands around on fewer strings as smaller fret spacing gives less stretch on your fingers. These instruments are related to Irish folk music and are good for people interested in this musical genre. Standard models of 4-string have 19 frets, and the Irish variety has 17 frets.

5 Strings variety

5 strings models are the traditional variety of banjos that have an extra string attached to the instrument’s neck and an extra tuning peg attached to it. These instruments are used mostly by Bluegrass and folk artists. This instrument requires some time to master the range of notes, especially if you are a beginner. These instruments are played using a clawhammer technique in folk music. It requires time to master the Bluegrass technique and a thumb pick with two metal fingerpicks.

6 Strings variety

6 strings banjos are like regular body banjos with a guitar neck. They are sometimes called banjitars. These banjos have extra strings with extended fingerboards and offer the largest range of notes to produce a classic twangy banjo tone. These instruments are played like a guitar and are most suited to experienced guitarists.

After purchasing the suitable banjo for you, it is advisable to invest in some banjo picks that will help produce rhythmic Irish music. Select the banjo picks that are right for you. Harder picks do not provide enough flexibility, while overly thin picks are known to be noisy against strings. Banjo picks are relatively cheap, and you can easily invest in them. Nylon picks can withstand the stress of playing. It is better to keep extra accessories as backups to prepare for inevitability.

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