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About Tudd:

Tudd is a traditional hourglass-shaped instrument local to Punjab used by the Dhadi singers. Other society artists of the district additionally use it. Tudd is an instrument very similar to the Damaru. Where the Damaru has two hitched harmonies, Tudd doesn't. Although the primary distinctions between the Tudd and the Damaru are minor, the procedures of playing, the social significance, and the musical abilities are very different.

From a specialized standpoint, the Tudd is played with the hands, while the Damaru is played by quickly rotating the drum so that the tied strings strike the heads. In that capacity, it could be considered to be all the more a noisemaker rather than a serious musical instrument. However, the Tudd is played with the hands; this gives a considerably more exact control over the rhythm. This elevates the Tudd to the situation with a real musical instrument. In both the Tudd and the Damaru, the drum's pitch is altered. The Damaru is raised by tightening the rope that folds over the midriff, while the Tudd, it is raised by tightening a little fabric band folded over the abdomen of the drum.

Maybe the best distinction between the instruments is in the social significance. Where the Damaru regularly has a common connotation, it is likewise much connected with the Shaivite Tradition (Shiva devotees). The Damaru is as notable among the Shaivite sadhus as their harpoon and tangled hair bun. The Tudd, then again, is significantly connected with the Sikh bardic tradition. Performers are known as "dhadis," who play the Tudd while singing tunes and recounting accounts of the deeds of the Sikh masters and accounts of Sikh history.

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