The SwarShala Indian music software includes Nishan and over 80 other perfectly sampled virtual Indian instruments.

About Nishan:

Throughout India's history, its people evolved various ways of classifying musical instruments, many of which were based on morphological characteristics. The musical instruments used in rural India are as diverse as the country's environment. These are frequently handcrafted by highly skilled artists who are continuing a family legacy.

Close-up of a Nishan

The Nishan is a rhythm instrument that originated in Sambalpur, Orissa, and is played with two sticks called Chimta. The materials used are iron and leather. The body is made of riveted iron sheet and is shaped like a vessel. The open face is covered by a thick skin stretched and attached by a leather strap. Two antelope horns are joined together on each side.

Tribals in Orissa and Madhya Pradesh's Bastar region use it the most. The Khanh Tribe performs this music during festivals such as Podmara Parva, Chait Parav, Nuakhai, and others. A massive Nishan is used, as well as other instruments.


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