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About Nagara:

Nagara is a percussion instrument that is very popular in Punjabi and Rajasthani folk music. It is an ancient drum brought to India by Arabs and Persians in the Middle Ages.

Nagaras were used as battle cymbals. The army was normally heading into combat when the big drums began to beat loudly and thunderously. The drums were used to proclaim the coming of monarchs and princesses before the invention of cannons, but nowadays, Nagaras are employed for entertainment purposes.

Nagara is a symbol of truth and righteous supremacy. The victor of the conflict could only play it. The Nagara has been dubbed India's loudest drums, commonly used in a more peaceful setting aside from combat. Nagara is also seen on a Takht (Khalsa Throne) and in all Gurudwaras.

The lower half of Nakara is made up of a half-spherical metal vessel. Brass or copper metal would most likely be used in Nagara's metallic components. The membrane of the instrument might be composed of goatskin or a similar skin. The membrane would be attached by cords or metal strips to the metal vessel. When played with specific beaters or bent sticks, the instrument generates a tremendous sound.

The Nagari, also known as the female, has a higher pitch and is made of goatskin. Both of these drums are referred to as Nagara. The Nagara is typically one and a half to two times the size of the Nagari. Nagara is frequently played using the player's dominant hand. This pair of musical instruments is either strapped to the back of a bull or an elephant and brought before the procession in prominent temples. The instrument's sound would alert onlookers that the temple procession is approaching.

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