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About Naal:

The Naal is a hybrid rhythmic instrument featuring a barrel-shaped body with a thin tabla head on one side and a dholak type of skin on the other. The Naal was knotted with string in the past, and the drum head was stretched with sticks. People have now constructed metal Naal drums that allow for more exact tuning owing to advancements in the design process.

The development of the Naal marks an important milestone in the traditional Indian music industry. The Naal is very popular in Maharashtra's street performance (also known as tamasha). Its growth has been so great that it has penetrated the world of Hindi cinema, and film music.

Naal is also very popular in Orissan and Gujarati folk and traditional music, though its body there is different. The clay body of the Naal in Orissa is barrel-shaped, and the entire body is draped in crimson cloth. The skin is covered with the face, fastened via the ring with a strong cotton rope. The black load is applied to the right side, while the left side is loaded from the inside.

The Naal is a type of drum that can be used in various musical styles. It is becoming increasingly popular in the music world because of its wide applicability.

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