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About Mridangam:

The Mridangam, also known as the mrdangam, mridanga, or mrdanga is a double-sided drum-bodied wood instrument fashioned from a hollow one-inch-thick piece of jackfruit wood. The drums' two mouths are covered in goatskin and connected with leather cords along their length. The artisans then tighten these straps so that the spherical membranes on both sides of the body are always tight, allowing them to emit a sound when struck. When struck by the drum, these two diaphragms are of differing diameters, allowing players to generate bass and treble.

The skin covering the overall aperture must be wet. A paste composed of semolina (Rawa) and water should be put in the center just before using the mridangam in a performance, which lowers the diaphragm's pitch and gives it a very strong, far-reaching bass. Rubber gums are now used to loosen the drum's membrane, which aids in the creation of a bass sound. Rubber gum is popular because it does not adhere to the hands as semolina does.

The Mridangam is one of the most ancient rhythmic instruments of India. It is the main percussion instrument used in classical South Indian music (carnatic), usually accompanied with Ghatam, Kanjeera and Morsing.


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