What's New?

iShala 4 contains ALL the functionality of iShala 3 and much more! Here are some of the main improvements:

  • unlimited number of sessions, each with its own name
  • new manjeera tab with 3 different bells for accompaniment
  • added new tabla (Tabla 1) along the iShala v3 one (Tabla 2)
  • distinct tanpura panes (1 & 2) and 6 tanpuras to choose from
  • added shuffling buttons for easy tanpura, tabla and manjeera selection
  • global Play/Stop button
  • added EQ, reverb and envelope settings per instrument
  • added EQ, reverb and compression settings for the whole session
  • separate volume/pitch of tabla and bayan
  • added automatic tempo acceleration
  • added tap-in tempo option
  • added audition icon when selecting pitch
  • added various rhythmic cycles
  • full accessibility for visual-impaired users

With so much new functionality, we quickly realized it wasn't possible to keep the previous iShala layout, so we decided on a new layout with a tab for each instrument and a global tab above for main settings of the session. While we realize this might come as confusing for version 3 users, we are convinced that they will get familiar pretty quickly with this new layout and realize its benefits.

Premium option

Aditional to all these new features we also developed an optional Premium mode that you can purchase extra to avail the following benefits:

  • 4 additional tanpuras
  • an additional low pitch tabla
  • 3 additional manjeeras
  • pitch detection to make sure you sing/play on the right note
  • autotune session by pitch recognition

We were surprised to get lots of complaints (and 1 star ratings:-() because people expect these perks to also come free. We have always tried to be very fair to our clients. Our pricing of Rs 1000.- for life is probably the most generous out there in terms of similar functionality. We haven't raised it in over a decade, even though the functionality has been added exponentially. We feel it's only fair that when we develop such exciting new stuff as pitch detection, we should have a way of covering our expenses as well.

So, no, we are not asking you to pay again. You can continue with the standard iShala 4 and enjoy its massive features. If you then want to avail the perks of Premium, then go ahead. Premium option can be purchased directly any time from the app by clicking on the cart icon on Global pane, or by selecting the "Go Premium" menu option.

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