The Raga Pane

The Raga pane is where you can customize existing ragas or create new ones. We are explaining the controls for that here:

RAGA NAME: click on the corresponding box to see a list of available ragas. Once you select a raga, the notes and Shruti information (micro tuning) below update to reflect that raga. You can then update the shrutis if you want (raga notes are fixed once the raga is created).

NEW: click this to add a new Raga. Give the desired name; select the notes in the ascending (aroha) and descending (avaroha) scales and press save to store the Raga. Or press cancel to discard the action.

DELETE: click to delete the currently selected Raga. You can delete (only) the Ragas you have created and only if they are not used in a session.

PLAY: click this to audition the selected raga.

RESET: click this to set the Shruti Sliders (of Raga notes) to their default value.

AROHA / AVROHA: display the notes in the ascending (aroha) and descending (avaroha) scales of the selected Raga.

SHRUTI: move the Shruti Adjustment Bar at the bottom to fine tune the notes of the Raga.

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