Swarmandal Tab

This tab lets you change specific controls for the Swarmandal part of the session. We are describing them here:

PLAY: use this option to set automatic playback frequency at fixed time (seconds) interval. Select "on click" for manual playback and/or "on tilt" to trigger playback via slight movements of the device.

SPEED: move the slider bar to adjust speed at which strings are struck.

ASC - DESC: click on the ascending/descending scale buttons to force the swarmandal playback at the times you need.

MANUAL: click on this icon to display the instrumentstrings and play them manually. The scale displayed (ascending or descending) is the last one triggered through the specific buttons.

TUNE: click on the tuning button to display the layout of ascending/descending scales used for this raga. You can change that layout by scrolling through notes. Any changes are then automatically preserved for that raga.

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