The Preferences pane lets you define the settings that are global to all sessions. Here is an overview of these options:


PITCH: here you can pitch shift the instruments globally by 1/100 of a note, for example to adjust to a live instrument.

LATENCY: in case the beat count displayed on your device does not exactly match the beat being played, you can adjust the latency here by specifying a higher or lower value.

POLYPHONY: this lets you define the number of simultaneous voices that should be played. Moving the slider to the left will allocate less voices, therefore reducing CPU consumption but possibly cutting short some sounds. Moving the slider to the right will allocate more voices, but will need more CPU. Try variations of this if you hear any clicks in the performance.


NOTATION: this lets you select between the Western and the Indian terminology in the software user interface.

LANGUAGE: you can change the language used throughout the app by selecting one in this list.

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