Melody Tab

This tab lets you change specific controls for the melodic part of the session. We are describing them here:

TUNE: click on the corresponding box to see a list of available melodies in the defined tempo.

NOTES & BEAT COUNT: displays the note currently playing and its beat number in the sequence. In Premium mode, this window also shows the note YOU are currently playing/singing and highlights any discrepancies. This is a great tool for ensuring your pitch is correct.

PITCH METER*: the bar next to the Notes & Beat Count pane is a pitch meter that shows how accurate you are on the note displayed. It's sensitivity depends on the value set on the slider below.

PITCH DETECTION ON/OFF*: toggles pitch detection on and off. It is recommended to turn it off when not using it, as it's heavy on CPU.

PITCH SENSITIVITY*: this slider lets you choose how sensitive you want the pitch detection to be. Beginner mode only checks whether you are on the same note as the harmonium, even if your pitch is incorrect. Advanced mode monitors pitch in 16ths of a note, giving you a very precise idea of where you stand. Select a value between these 2 boundaries according to your level.

To use the pitch detection functionality, it is highly recommended to use a mic so the audio input level is sufficient and clear. Headphones will also help so the sound of the app doesn't interfere with the audio input.

* Premium only

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