Global Tab

You'll find here all main controls to customize your practice session. We are describing each of them here:

SESSION NAME: click on the session name to show the list of existing sessions. Each session can be customized with specific settings that are saved on exit.

NEW: click to create a new session. A pop up appears where you can name you session and press OK to save.

SAVE AS: click to save current session with a new name. This is very convenient to create a copy of your session and then change specific settings.

DELETE: click to delete the existing session. Press OK on the confirmation pop up.

BUY PREMIUM: clicking on this button will display a page listing the advantages of going Premium, along with a button to purchase that.

TUNED ON: you can easily set the performance to a specific note (your Sa) by clicking on this box and selecting a note. There appears a list of pitches with a small "audition" (speaker) icon which allows auditioning the different pitches before selecting the one you need. It's very useful when you want to put tanpura on some music that is already started.

AUTOTUNE*: in Premium mode, an Autotune button appears that lets you automatically tune the session to the note that is echoeing at that moment. This is the easiest way of setting the pitch of the session.

RAGA: click on the corresponding box to see a list of available ragas. Once you select a raga, the Swarmandal automatically tunes to that. You can also use the provided lehra(s) (melodies) for rhythmic practice.

EDIT RAGAS: clicking on this button opens the RAGAS pane where you can customize the selected ragas or any other, including new ones.

TEMPO: you can select between several tempos; accordingly you'll have specific rhythms/melodies for that tempo.

SPEED ADJUSTMENT: move the Speed Adjustment bar at the bottom, or press on the + and - buttons to increase/decrease speed within a specific Tempo.

BPM: enter the required Beats Per Minute value. The beat unit is defined by the Indian notion of beat (16 in Tintal, whatever the tempo).

TEMPO TAP: press several times in succession at the desired interval to set the speed/BPM within a specific Tempo.

INCREASE BY: set the percentage by which your session tempo increases at specific number of cycles.

EVERY: set the number of cycles which the session tempo will be accelerated every (next) time.

* Premium only

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