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About Tamte:

Tamte, also known as Tamate, is a hand drum found in South Indian states. It originated from the Old Mysore region. Goat’s hide is stretched all over the circular frame, often made of iron or wood in some cases. This drum held a unique history and was played by Dalit communities during funerals, festivals, and announcements.

It is a south-Indian version of North Indian duff, that has a Persian origin. It is known that Tamte/Daff originated in the days of Sassanid Iran and was called dap, then changed to daf. It is said that this instrument dates before the origin of Islam, according to Iranian Behistun reliefs. It has deep roots in the Islamic religion and is connected to Sufism. These instruments are played during religious occasions in Iran. Daf is an important part of Mazdean Iran and was played by Kurdish women in the Middle East during their ancient times.

Tamte holds a unique design, and it has a perfect surface, sometimes with steel bangles all around the frame. It is constructed like a tambourine and has a screw system made of metal that helps to tighten the head and to tune the instrument. The tone of Tamte is quite low yet beautiful, specially when supported with the bells all around it. This instrument is quite popular in Greece too and is manufactured there as well.

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