The SwarShala Indian music software includes Surnaii and over 80 other perfectly sampled virtual Indian instruments.

About Surnaii:

Surnaii, also known as Zurna or Sorna. is a double-reed instrument played throughout the Arab world, South-eastern Europe, and Asia. Surnaii is equipped with a disc which is located under the reed. The player who plays the instrument presses their lips against the disc and encloses the reeds to facilitate breath control.

The wooden surnaii has a pipe body made of pear, apple or jujube wood. There is a copper bellmouth with the surnaii which is bell-shaped. The tube body and bell mouth are connected.

The pipe whistle on the Surnaii is a double reed, and the lower end of the whistle is sleeved outside on the upper mouth of the core. The whole body of the surnaii is carved with intricate patterns, and its appearance is beautiful.

There are seven or eight circular holes on the whole tube body. The first hole is inclined to the left side of the row. The little finger is used to press that hole, and the back hole is used to control the treble and is above the corresponding position of the seventh hole.

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