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About Pung:

Pung is a drum from the northeast Indian province of Manipur. This affiliation is solid to such an extent that it is known as the Manipuri Mridang. It is held in exceptionally high regard and is especially used in the Manipuri dance style. There is even an entire dance structure in view of it, known as Pung Chalom.

The Pung is very similar to the khol in its development and procedure. There are only a few differences. The Pung has a body made of wood, while the khol has a body of earth. Another distinction is that both the left and right sides of the Pung are similar in size, while the khol has very different sides. Finally the khol has a more rounded body while the Pung is more tube-shaped.

Close-up of Pung

Pung is an empty round and hollow drum of softwood; the two are covered with material, and dark stacking is glued on both heads. The cowhide lashes bind the material. A cotton belt is attached to the ties with the assistance of a metal ring, and flimsy white material is folded over the body. It is thrown evenly to the neck and played with two hands. It is used as a backup to Nata Sankirtana and other customary types of Manipur.

Pung is said to have been first used in Manipur around the second century AD during the hours of its initial rulers, which involved it as Yaibungs mostly to declare the King's decree sound caution on the occasion of intrusions of call individuals now and again of crises. Gradually, it came to be used as a percussion instrument to go with joyful tunes and dances. Many years later, Pung cholom, playing the percussion in Manipuri sankirtana music, became an imperative piece of culture and customs.


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