Manipuri Dhol

Manipuri Dhol

The SwarShala Indian music software includes Manipuri Dhol and over 80 other perfectly sampled virtual Indian instruments.

About Manipuri Dhol:

The Manipuri Dhol is a traditional drum used in Manipuri folk dances. In this dance, each dancer carries a Manipuri Dhol drum on their breast and keeps beating it while moving their bodies in time with them. These drums have contributed to the success of the folk dance.

The main material used to make the Manipuri Dhol is cow hide. It is used to make both the sides of the drum and the wire sides of the upholstery fabric.

The Manipuri Dhol drum has inspired many drummers to create music that will last a lifetime. Maharaja Chandra Kirti Singh (r. 1849–1886 AD) was a king and a talented drummer, creating at least 64 pung choloms (drum dances) and two Lasya parengs, Vrindaban Bhangi Pareng and Khrumba Bhangi Pareng.

Traditionally, the drummer is a male performer, and students are taught to dance to the drums after learning to play the pung. The dancers wear white dhotis with a folded shawl over their left shoulder and a drum strap over their right shoulder. The dancer plays the drums while dancing and jumping. This is known as "pung cholom.”


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