The SwarShala Indian music software includes Khuang and over 80 other perfectly sampled virtual Indian instruments.

About Khuang:

The Khuang is made of a hollow tree. A tree trunk is couched out to form a hollow strike of the desired size. The open ends of the trunk are then covered by either cow or goatskin. The skin must be stretched to a certain degree of tension to produce the desired sound when dry. The choice of skin determines the pitch of the sound produced by the resultant product. This is a very important factor that the makers of Khuang consider when designing this particular instrument.

Khuang has always played a very important role in Mizo traditional folk songs. Mizo is said to have more than a hundred types of folk songs, and all of them employ the use of Khuang. This is a clear indication that it is a widely used instrument that has cemented its own history as far as Indian culture is concerned.

Different names are given to a Khuang depending on its length and size. For example, the biggest of all is commonly referred to as Khuangpui. The medium is known as the Khuanglai, and the smallest is Khuangte. The Mizo group can distinguish the Khuang from their sizes, and they can certainly tell you their names.


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