Ghat Singhari

Ghat Singhari

The SwarShala Indian music software includes Ghat Singhari and over 80 other perfectly sampled virtual Indian instruments.

About Ghat Singhari:

Ghat Singhari is made of a hollow wooden body with a tapering end. Both ends are left hollow for this instrument to produce a desirable sound in most cases. In some cases, the drum's body is made of hardened earth or glass, which forms a pot-like structure.

The surface of Ghat Singhari is covered with thick animal skin, and the skin must be from a cow, water buffalo, or goat. This is crucial as such skins provide the right thickness required for this instrument to produce the right sound. When making this instrument, wet or fresh cow or goatskin is spread over the hollow ends of the wooden body. It is then tightened by pulling long strings made of the same skin. This pulls the skin tight over the surface of the hollow section. The strings are tied together at the end and, in some cases, at the constricted section of the drum. The drum is then left to dry for days.

Ghat Singhari is originally from Tamil Nadu but has gained popularity over many other parts of India. Unlike other drums where the player carries the drum or places it between their legs, this instrument is in most cases placed on the floor. The player will then strike the drum using both his hands and not a stick. You simply place it on the mat on your floor, and then you may start playing it.

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