The SwarShala Indian music software includes Duggis and over 80 other perfectly sampled virtual Indian instruments.

About Duggis:

Duggis, also known as Maadal, are one of the most distinctive drums in Indian traditional music. The Duggis mix three Tabla dayan (drum on the right). Drummers can modify the pitches of the drums to achieve the softest, smoothest sounds possible in the accompaniment, by hitting alternately the different drum heads with their fingers and palms.

Duggis are a popular instrument in Bengal/Bangladesh music. They are also used in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab folk music. And each Duggis location has a unique name. In Uttar Pradesh, it is known as "duggi," while in Punjab, it is known as "dukkar."

Duggis play an important role in the traditional Indian music scene. It was frequently used to lend a rhythm to earlier orchestral compositions, especially the shehnai ensemble. Today, though, Tabla has taken Duggis' place in this function. However, that does not mean that Duggis are no longer used today. They are one of the instruments that contribute to the success of Hindi film soundtracks. Over the years, this instrument, along with others such as the Tabla, Dholak, Madal, Accordion, Piano, and Organ, has contributed a new light to the musical tone of Hindi cinema. These songs and the Hindi movies have reached the whole world.

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