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About Chimta:

Chimta is a tong-like musical instrument that finds its origin in the Sikh community of Punjab. It was apparently invented by Chaitsingh in the 1900s during the first World War to keep the enthusiasm of the younger Sikh and Hindu soldiers high. Its sound was helpful to lift up their spirits and keep morale high.

It is made of two straight flat rods joined at one end and having a pointed side on the other end. There is a ring at the close end of the joint, which allows for better grip and can also be used for producing a different kind of sound. Each of the two rods have many flat round jingles by the sides that produce a sharp chiming sound when they vibrate due to the striking of both rods.

Jingles on the Chimta are usually a pair of two flat metallic rings - usually made of brass - that are placed together and are loosely attached so that the striking of the two rods plays a loud sound.

Most Chimtas have jingles on both sides, but some types have them only on one. There are even some that don’t have jingles at all. All three types of Chimtas are easily available in the market. They produce different sounds and are used according to the occasions and rituals that suit best.

Chimta is very significant in Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh because it is a common part of Bhangra, folk, and traditional music, combined with different Dhol drums of Punjab. It is also a very important part of the religious Bhajans (devotional songs) of the Sikh community, known as Gurbani Kirtan. As such, it is commonly used at Gurdwaras and in devotional music called Shabad.

The Chimta is not a solo musical instrument. It gives a chiming and metallic sound when the joint is held with one hand, and the other hand is used to keep the tong open and close frequently. This keeps the performer busy with the singing and the playing of the Chimta together. The Chimta with big jingles is used on religious occasions. Similarly, the one with small jingles is used in the Bhangra, Lohri, and common local festivals in which the Chimta is played along with other musical instruments.


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