The SwarShala Indian music software includes Been and over 80 other perfectly sampled virtual Indian instruments.

About Been:

The Been is a wind instrument mostly used in the subcontinent by snake charmers. The snake charmer or Jogi mostly uses this instrument to arouse snakes or for more religious purposes. The instrument is made of an air reservoir blown by mouth and made from a gourd, and the air is a channel into the two reed pipes through this fat part of the Been. The player plays the Been by blowing air in the instrument continuously without any pause and moving the instrument in a circular motion. Been originated in India, and most snake charmers use it for their performances.

Close-up of a Been

Historically, been has been used in Indian folk music for centuries, and its history goes a long way. About fifty years ago, Been was famous in Badagutittu. However, it was used in India as a religious instrument, folk music, and charming snake way before its presence in Badagutittu.

Indian musical performances often correspond with sacred principles. Like many other ways, the Been is also used to converse with the gods. It is believed that the purpose of its creation was not to charm snakes but to make humans go into a meditative state.


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