The SwarShala Indian music software includes Algozay and over 80 other perfectly sampled virtual Indian instruments.

About Algozay:

Algozay or Alghoza is basically a pair of flutes tied together. In this woodwind musical instrument, one flute produces melody, and the other for a monotonous tune. There are various approaches to the construction of this instrument. Both flutes used in Algozay had the same length, but now they are modified by making one shorter to produce more appealing sounds.

The flutes of Algozay are used as a couple. The longer flute is called the male, and the shorter one is known as the female. The instrument is scaled to various tunes with the help of bees wax. These beak flutes are either held close loosely with the help of hands or tied together with a string, while sometimes the flutes are used separately to produce the required sound.

Algozay is decorated with colorful handmade tassels and ornaments in some areas, mostly red, green, and other bright colors.

This instrument originated in Mesopotamia around 7500 BC. In some of the ancient paintings of Mesopotamia, Algozay can be seen in some form. Later it reached Iran, and finally, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India adopted it with some modifications. This musical instrument is used mostly by Punjabi folk musicians in various regions of India and Pakistan. It is used widely in Sindhi and Balochi music.

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